Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir Christmas Tree Description
Douglas Fir Characteristics.
Needle - Retention 95%
fragrance 90%
needle softness 100%
branch strength 85%
popularity 100%

Douglas Fir Christmas Tree Description.

Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) also called red fir, Oregon pine and Douglas-spruce. Douglas fir is the one most common evergreen tree in the Pacific Northwest and is the State tree of Oregon, it's  the source of most of Oregon's softwood lumber industry. Nearly have half of  the Christmas Tree gown are Douglas Fir.

Douglas firs are gorgeous,lush, robust and impressive tree It’s  popularity as  Christmas tree comes from  its pyramidal shape and soft, short needles  and great needle retention. The tree needles are blue-green,flat, pointed that are spiral about 2” long. The needles are  soft and radiate out from the branches in all directions, and emit a sweet holiday scent. The needles are plush to the touch. The branches are flexible are able to hold heavier ornaments. The White house choose the Douglas fir  2016 on the Executive Mansion. If you've grown up with the tradition of having a fresh  Christmas tree during the holidays, it's most likely that  your family had a Douglas Fir.Douglas Fir is an ideal family Christmas  tree and never disappoints.

Douglas Fir Branch and Needles.

Douglas Fir Branch and Needles

Picking the Best Douglas Fir.

    -   Ask when the trees were cut and where they came from. Most of the big box stores cut trees weeks before shipping. The less time and  distance, the better are your changes of having a healthy trees during the holidays.

 -  Check the needles for retention. Take a branch and  pull  along the length of the  branch. It’s normal needles to drop from toward the trunk and drop less needles toward the end of the branches. The end of the branch should be green and firmly attached.

 -  Needles also should not snap when they’re bent between a thumb and forefinger.

 -  Look for straight trunks and pleasing shape to the tree.

 -  Make sure they make a fresh straight cut on end of the trunk to make sure the tree’s  are  able to take up water.

 - No need to add bleach, aspirin or  preservatives to the water. plain tap water works  fine

  - It's best to get a tree from  family owned bushiness not a national big box store.

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