What are the different kinds of Christmas trees?

  Very popular in the US since the 20s, the Douglas fir has soft, dark  blue green needles. The Douglas Fir is popular for its good needle retention and a lovely citrus fragrance.

          This Nobel fir has attractive grey-green needles. The branches  tilt upwards and have very strong branches. A a great choice for hanging heavy decorations. The trees  are native to Washington and Oregon . Nobel fir's  needle retention is among the best for Christmas trees

Balsam Fir


     Balsam Fir has dense, dark-green, pyramidal shape with a  spire tip. Balsam fir  is similar in looks to Fraser fir. Needles are  dark green on the upper surface, lighter on the lower surface. Two silvery bands of stomata  are found on the lower surface.



  Blue Spruce needles are a lovely silver-blue color.Needles are a a bit prickly The tree has great  needle retention and a good symmetrical form


 Fraser Fir doesn't drop its needles as quickly. It  has a narrow base - making it ideal for tight spaces. It's now the 2nd best selling Christmas tree in the US, and also has a lovely, aromatic fragrance.It was the White House Christmas Tree in 2012. 



Scotch Pine

Scotch Pine

 The Scotch Pine is less common Christmas tree, but the tree has beautiful bright, blue-green foliage and a lovely holiday fragrance.  Excellent needles retention as they don't fall, even when dry

Nordmann fir

   Increasingly popular in US, the Nordmann fir  has little fragrance. Great for  people with allergy issues.The tree has   retains its needles for longer than the Christmas  Trees. The trees is  symmetrical shape and dark green broad soft and glossy needles.